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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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RGES Faculty


  John Kinzer- earned a BS degree in Geology and a minor in History from the College of William and Mary. With an MA in Christian School Administration from Grace College, he has taught and administered in Christian schools since 1981. He has held professional certification in history and science and ACSI certification as a school superintendent. He enjoys teaching children and his four children have all been pupils in his classes. All four children completed the RGES program, and are grown.  He now has five grandchildren!  He directed the Hope Christian School Summer Day Camp for four years, and enjoys teaching young people in Scouting and Homeschool Athletics in Albuquerque. John enjoys hiking, fishing, gardening, camping, Creation science field trips, and reading.  He serves on the Boards of Noah Webster College and Daystar Institute, both in Albuquerque.  He is a frequent speaker on Education and America's Providential History topics to both adult and student groups and summer camps. John developed the RGES Mid high program and teaches mid high, high school history and science courses. 

Marcie Kinzer
- earned a BS degree in Biology from the College of William and Mary with a minor in Mathematics. She earned a MA degree in Liberal Arts from St. John's College in Santa Fe. Teaching in Christian schools since 1980, she has experience teaching first through eighth grade and high school. In RGES, Marcie taught and developed courses in the mid high program, High School Literature and Math classes.  Marcie serves on the Board for Noah Webster College and the Daystar Institute.  She enjoys developing Bible Study materials.  Marcie loves theological study and has taught numerous adult Bible classes.  Marcie's hobbies include cooking, nature study, computer programming, and parenting adult children.  She loves fireplaces, coffee, fall colors, and fellowship! Homeschooling each of her own four children from the first grade, she began RGES as a pilot program in 1994. She loves babysitting her five grandchildren!



Jan Burton- attended the University of Illinois for two years and completed her BS in Food Science at CA Polytech State University. Raised by a Home Economics Teacher/Librarian, Jan has been managing a home since her marriage to Mark Burton in 1981. She has been studying and practicing home education with their three children since 1986. Jan is an experienced teacher, teaching the Elementary class at RGES since 2003.  She loves working with her students and seeing them catch a love of learning and a love for God.  All three of her children completed the RGES program and are now grown.  She has one grandchild!  She is also a real estate agent with La Entrada Realty.



Mark Burton
- started teaching for RGES in 1999 following retirement from the Air Force. His three children have all studied in RGES. He has a BS in Aero/Astro Engineering from the University of Illinois. He also has a MS degree is in Systems Engineering from Wright State University. In addition, he has earned the ThD. degree.  Dr. Burton publishes Community Impact News (CINews) and completed the 12 week Developing Your Worldview online training course with Worldview Weekend Online Institute. He attended The Truth Project Conference at Focus on the Family and leads Bible study groups using The Truth Project video series. Mark has taught mid high, chemistry, physics, and worldview classes, as well as the model rocketry, auto mechanics, and electronics applied science classes for RGES.  He maintained the RGES website, coordinated the RGES science fair, and organizes the annual  Christian Heritage Speech Competition.   In his free time, Mark gives seminars in Creation Science and conducts hikes for interested students and their families.



Denise Cionelo- Denise Cionelo earned Bachelors and Masters degrees from The University of New Mexico in Elementary Education. She married Gerald after teaching in APS for three years. She has home schooled their five children for the past 15 years, supplementing their education at RGES. She has taught high school and elementary grade classes for RGES for many years.  She enjoys math and teaches the RGES Pre-Algebra electives class.  



Waid Griffin- received his BA in Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing from Texas Tech University. He also earned a Masters in Music Theory and Composition. Waid is a professional oil artist with paintings in several major art collections. He resides in Albuquerque and has taught art classes with RGES since 2000.

Marilyn Hershberger - is a graduate of California State University with a BS in Geology.  Her MS in Geological Sciences is from the University of Arizona.  Marilyn married her husband Vern and has three children.  She has taught grades 6-8 in the RGES mid high program since 2010.


Shannon Hoskovec - teaches Physics and Chemistry classes in the  RGES program.  She is married and has four children.  Shannon graduated from New Mexico Highlands University with a BS in Mathematics.  She has earned many credits in Electrical Engineering.  Shannon also presents seminars and workshops to interested groups in Biblical thinking and America's Christian Education.


Claudia Melchor - is mother of three children and has two grandchildren! She loves Bible studies, and she has a heart to share her Christian faith and to help others share the Gospel.  She currently teaches the RGES Spanish classes.  Claudia traveled with her career Navy husband for 20 years and lived in many foreign countries including Spain.  She is fluent in Spanish and recently worked as a legal assistant for an attorney in San Diego, California.  Her hobbies include cooking, jogging, reading, gardening, and Bible study.


 Laura Wright- received her BA degree from University of New Mexico in English with minors in music and psychology.  She loves playing and teaching violin.  Once a homeschool student, Laura studied in the RGES mid high and high school programs.  Her hobbies include music, broomball, hiking, tea, and football.  Laura wants to be a good representative of the Lord and able to encourage students in their walk with the Lord and in their education.  She teaches high school literature, and the Literature of C.S. Lewis.



Jeanne Mouchet- earned a Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance from UNM in 1983. She has performed many roles in Opera and Musicals. Jeanne has taught voice privately for many years. She has served as choir director at First Baptist Church in Santa Fe, and at Capital Christian School in Santa Fe. The Mouchet family now lives in Albuquerque. Their three children have all attended RGES.


Steven Radigan- received a BA in University Studies from the University of New Mexico. He served the Lord for many years in business and sales.  His hobbies include fishing, fishing, fishing, gardening, and history.  He hopes to be a good resource for parents and families, and he cares deeply for young people.  His class is both an opportunity and a challenge for him to present God's providential work.  Steve teaches New Mexico History and is the Electives classes administrator.


Marla Banning - earned a degree in Nursing and holds the LPN certificate. She loves the media arts and is excellent using technology and the graphic arts and photography.  She teaches the RGES Yearbook and Journalism & Photography class.  Marla is very creative and has several hobbies including cookie making and decorating, quilting, and baking.  She loves Bible study and often teaches classes and Bible study.  Marla is passionate about defending life and about sharing the Gospel with others.  She is married with two children.


Diana Skaggs - loves music and singing and serves as the assistant teacher for the RGES Choir class.  Diana has taught voice and instrument lessons for many years, and she formed and taught brass ensemble, and has led prep band and orchestra in Ohio Christian schools.  She enjoys hiking, photography, and plays multiple musical instruments.  Diana is married to Keith, pastor of Charity Baptist Church in Rio Rancho.


Diana Turner - loves Theater and Music.  She has been the director of the RGES Play for the past four years.  Diana directed multiple children's and young adult's plays and musicals for more than 15 years.  She performed in lead roles in various musicals with ACOLA/Musical Theater Southwest, is  involved with Opera Unlimited, and performed children's operas in many venues in NM.  She loves teaching and earned the MA in Education.  She taught 9 years in APS as a reading specialist and elementary teacher.